How to use ecological packaging materials?

How to use ecological packaging materials?

More and more consumers are asking themselves which packaging materials are the most sustainable. This question is not so easy to answer, because there are many hooks. For example, many stores now use paper bags instead of plastic bags. The question is whether this is necessarily better; paper is less strong than plastic, so more paper is needed to make a sturdy bag. That means more trees have to be cut down to ensure this quality. On the other hand, a lot of plastic eventually ends up in the ocean. This example shows that it is a complex issue. In addition, some packaging materials are simply not suitable for packaging a specific product. In order to determine which material is the most environmentally friendly, the way it is produced should be taken into account. One plastic is not like another and the same goes for paper. Looking for the most environmentally friendly packaging material? Then pay attention to the following:

Recycled material

Choose recycled and sustainable packaging For both cardboard, paper and plastic packaging, it is more sustainable if the packaging is made of (partly) recycled material. In addition, it is important that the packaging is reusable, so the material can be easily recycled. At Blok Packaging both our paper and plastic packaging can be fully recycled.

FSC quality mark

Pay attention to the FSC label for cardboard and paper The FSC label is an international label with strict requirements for sustainable and social forest management, supported by governments, companies and environmental organizations. About 85% of newly made cardboard consists of old cardboard, which means that 15% new fiber is added to the pulp. It is important that this fiber comes from sustainable forests.

Resealable packaging

Send resealable packaging There is a chance that a package is returned by the receiver. For example because the product does not meet the expectations or because the product has been damaged during transport. The purpose of a resealable packaging is firstly to make the return of a shipment efficient for the customer. But resealable packaging also contributes to the sustainability of the return shipment. After all, the customer can reuse the same packaging to return the product. Thereby, no tape is needed to return the product safely. This keeps the packaging made up of mono-materials which helps the recycling of the material.

One company that has very luxurious and beautiful packaging materials is Glasmeister. Glasmeister contributes to a greener and cleaner future, through ecological packaging materials. You can read more about it at

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